Mom to Briar and Brayton. Fifth grade teacher. Even with two accident-prone boys under the age of five, Brooklynn Brown never thought she would use something like an Accident Only Insurance policy. As an accident insurance believer, Brooklynn wants to share her true-life story with others.



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We sat down with Brooklynn to hear more about her experience:

Q+A with Brooklynn

Tell me about your family:

My husband Clay and I have been married for five years… we just celebrated our fifth anniversary! We have two boys, Briar and Brayton. Brayton is four, and Briar is two.

Can you tell us about your home and what you like to do?

The land we live on has been in his family for a long time. We enjoy the peace and quiet out here and spending time with the boys and just hanging out. Clay team ropes, and I started trying to rope last year. We enjoy riding horses, going camping, going to the lake, basically anything with the four of us.

When did you get the accident policy?

I got the policy whenever I started teaching. I wanted a supplemental insurance policy to help on top of my insurance. That way, nothing is coming out of my pocket.

Can you tell us about your experience with American Fidelity's Accident Only Insurance plan?

I never thought I would use something like the accident policy, even though having two boys under the age of five is accident prone. But it has been very helpful to our family.

What types of events did you use the policy for?

My husband Clay broke his toe, and we used it for that. For the boys, we've made multiple trips to the ER, and one had to have a CAT scan, and those are very expensive.

When you think about the entire claims process, how was that for you?

American Fidelity is great to work with. The policy has been very, very helpful. I just turn in my claim, and I get reimbursed. I don't feel like I'm strapped down to paying for things that I may not be able to afford at the time.

What has the policy meant to you and your family?

It has been very helpful to our family. I would be financially stressed with all of the hospital expenses we’ve dealt with in the last year. I'm very grateful for American Fidelity and what they offer, because the policy has helped our family tremendously.

What do you tell people considering accident insurance?

Someone with kids... it’s definitely a must. I didn’t know anything about extra insurance like what American Fidelity offers. Being reimbursed over $1,500* for all of the accidents we’ve had with the boys, and ourselves, it’s been super easy.

We’re Here for You

Brooklynn’s story is a great reminder of why we do what we do at American Fidelity Assurance Company. We’re here for you so when things don’t go as planned, such as an unexpected accident, you can focus on what matters most – your family. Even with a high-quality medical insurance plan, accidents can be costly.

Our Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance includes more than 25 benefits specifically designed to help your employees and their families with the unexpected expenses that may come with a covered accident or injury. These include an Annual Wellness Benefit, Accidental Death or Dismemberment Benefit, and the policy is guaranteed renewable, as long as premiums are paid as required. Premiums may be increased. All benefits are paid directly to the employee, which allows them to use the funds where they are needed most.

Consider offering an American Fidelity accident insurance benefit to your employees today. It just may give them (and you) needed peace of mind and financial protection. Want to learn more about our accident insurance? Click here to contact us.    


Product may contain limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods.
This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.
*The amount of benefits vary depending on the plan selected.