Even if you haven’t heard of presenteeism, you’ve probably experienced it yourself or seen it in your employees: it’s when an employee comes into work even though he or she is sick.

Presenteeism is often linked with absenteeism, but can be more insidious. Presenteeism is when employees are present at work but limited in some aspects of job performance by a health problem. A report on presenteeism by Global Challenge found that employees admitted to being unproductive on the job for 57.5 days each, while only taking off about four sick days a year1. Can you spare almost 12 weeks for each member of your workforce? Besides being less productive and potentially prolonging their illness, there’s the risk that their illness is contagious and infects others, creating a cycle of sick days and loss of productivity.

One of the ways to fight presenteeism, absenteeism and foster a healthy workplace is to ensure your employees know about their wellness benefits. Many supplemental insurance plans include wellness benefits that reimburse employees just for going to their annual checkup. Not only will they have a chance to catch potential health problems early, they’ll also be rewarded for it, making them more likely to take advantage of these benefits. And a healthy, happy employee can help create a healthy, happy workplace.

Many of American Fidelity Assurance Company’s supplemental insurance policies offer wellness benefits. This allows policyholders to file a claim once a year just by going to their routine medical checkups. For example:

  • Accident Only*,+
    Accident Only coverage includes a Wellness benefit for an annual routine physical exam.
    (Waiting period may apply.)
  • Cancer*,+
    Cancer coverage includes a diagnostic and prevention benefit, as well as a cancer screening follow-up benefit.
  • Group Critical Illness*,+, ##
    Critical Illness includes a Health Screening Benefit.

And with AFQuickClaimsTM, filing diagnostic testing or wellness and health screening claims is now easier and faster than ever. Some policyholders who opt for direct deposit may even receive benefits for eligible claims in as little as one day! To learn more about AFQuickClaims, watch the video below or visit americanfidelity.com.







State deviations may apply.
1Global Challenge: The Cost of Presenteeism and How to Fix it; March 8, 2016
*These products may contain limitations, exclusions and waiting periods.

+This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.
##Group Critical Illness is only offered on an after-tax basis.