To meet expectations for quick and convenient service, we’ve made claim filing even easier for our disability insurance customers.

Now, with AFQuickClaims®, disability insurance policyholders could receive their physician expense benefit in as little as one day.

What is the physician expense benefit?

For plans1 that include the physician expense benefit, the policyholder receives a lump sum payment when personal treatment is given by a physician due to a covered injury or sickness. Coverage of accident or illness is policy-specific, with some policies covering both, some only illness, and some only accident/injury.

With this addition, AFQuickClaims now includes:

  •       Physician expense benefit for disability insurance,
  •       Annual diagnostic testing benefit for cancer insurance,
  •       Wellness benefit for accident insurance2, and
  •       Health screening benefit for critical illness insurance.


When policyholders file online or through AFmobile®, these claim types will be automatically processed3. This means benefits for eligible claims may be received in as little as one day when enrolled in direct deposit!


We hope quicker benefits payments to our policyholders leads to happier employees, for you.





Accident Only Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Income Insurance: This product

may contain limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods.

Accident Only Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance: This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Critical Illness Insurance: Critical Illness may be only offered on an after-tax basis.

1Not available on all plan types. 2Wellness benefit not available in all states. 3Services received beyond the last two years will require additional documentation.