When you are preparing for open enrollment you may think about how you want to educate your employees on the benefits you are offering. With your busy schedule, informing your employees about their benefits may be the last thing on your mind. However, by designing a solid communication plan in the beginning to help employees understand their benefits, the open enrollment process can be much easier— but only if hurdles such as information overload and demographic differences are cleared along the way.1

This is where technology can help, especially videos. They are most effective when they are used to explain complex topics that can be greatly aided through the use of animation, illustration, narration or when needing to convey emotional-type content.2 Across all generations and different types of employees, there is a desire to get some education via video. A consumer behavior survey by HubSpot showed that 62% of their users report viewing videos entirely, compared to 44% who read an email from start to finish.4

Additionally, videos can be accessed anywhere, anytime, making it a convenient and easy option for both you and your employees.

A 2017 study of employee benefits video response rates conducted by Houghton, Mass.-based Flimp Media found:

  • 78 percent of the more than 173,000 employees who received a video e-mail “postcard” related to benefits viewed the video at least once.
  • 94 percent of the employees who viewed a video took some action after doing so, including logging into the online enrollment software and accessing benefits information.5

We understand you may not have the resources to create videos, so we have provided an entire video library to help educate your employees on American Fidelity Assurance Company’s benefits and services. Visit americanfidelity.com/videos to explore. To share, click on the video title, copy and paste the URL from the browser into an email, and select send. 

Communicating with your employees in a way they can understand will not only benefit them, but you. Effective workplace and benefit communications drive employee understanding, builds trust and increases action and engagement, which positively impact tenure, productivity and interaction.6

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