Some employers have questioned whether last week’s ruling by a federal judge in Texas means they must still comply with the ACA*. That ruling, which has not yet been finalized, ruled the ACA unconstitutional.

During a hearing this morning in federal court in another ACA-related case, the Department of Justice (DOJ) reaffirmed the government’s decision to enforce all of the provisions of the ACA until the decision in Texas v. United States is finalized.

"[T]he Department of Health and Human Services ("HHS"), the agency charged with the primary responsibility for enforcing the ACA, has expressed its commitment to continue to enforce the ACA until there is a final decision or other judicial order directing otherwise," the government said in a brief before the hearing.

For more information about the Texas v. United States case, which last week ruled the ACA unconstitutional, see our blog post on the ruling.

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*Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.