Allowing employees to maximize their Disability Income Insurance* coverage with no health questions just became a reality for many American Fidelity Assurance Company customers. During 2018, employer groups who are set up to enroll on American Fidelity’s AFenroll® platform are eligible for the guarantee issue, not to exceed the maximum benefit available.

What does this mean?

If an existing American Fidelity disability policyholder wishes to move to maximum indemnity coverage—usually around 60% of the insured’s salary—then they can do so with no health questions asked. The speedy process happens in just a few clicks on the AFenroll® platform.

“We see this as a huge benefit for our employer customers and their employees,” said Larry Alkire, Chief Marketing Officer. “There are existing American Fidelity disability policyholders who would normally be unable to increase their coverage. However, during this window of guarantee issue, they have the opportunity to do so.”

Why is American Fidelity offering this guarantee issue?

“This is all part of American Fidelity’s primary goal of helping employer customers offer their employees quality benefits programs,” said Alkire. “And it supports our pledge to serve our policyholders through all phases of life.”

What do employers need to do?

Talk with their American Fidelity account manager. He or she will help confirm if the group is eligible to offer this window of guarantee issue to their employees. Additionally, they’ll be available to coordinate enrollment dates and help with employee education—explaining how this works and how it can help provide employees with the paycheck protection they likely seek for themselves and their families.

How long will this be available?

American Fidelity estimates that the offer will be made available to all enrollments throughout the 2018 calendar year. “It’s important for groups to take advantage of the guarantee issue in 2018,” said Alkire. “There’s a chance it may be extended in 2019, but there are no guarantees.”

What do individuals and employers need to keep in mind?

Please remember, this offer is available only for those individuals currently insured on an American Fidelity disability policy. Additionally, guaranteed issue increases are only available on the individual’s existing plan, and the plan must be actively offered by American Fidelity.


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*This product may contain limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods.