At American Fidelity Assurance Company, helping our customers manage their benefits and claims is a top priority. This year, we’ve released several updates to our online service center and mobile app, and we’re excited to introduce the newest update—the option to go paperless!

Go paperless

To help your employees control their accounts, policyholders may now elect to receive paperless Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and other claims documentation. This means, when customers go paperless, they’ll receive documents faster. All documents will be available for access on the online service center.

Making the switch is easy. Simply log in at or with AFmobile® to access the My Profile section and elect to go paperless.

Other enhancements

We’ve also implemented communication preferences within online accounts. This allows customers to receive notifications via email, text message, or mobile push. These notifications include receipts of claim submissions, requests for documentation, and confirmation of processed claims.

And as we approach the halfway point of the year, don’t forget to remind your employees about AFQuickClaims. If they have Cancer*,+, Accident Only*,+, or Critical Illness Insurance*,+,# with American Fidelity, they could receive benefits from eligible diagnostic testing, wellness, and health screening benefits in as little as one day when enrolled in direct deposit.

To learn more about AFQuickClaims™, visit  




* These products may contain limitations, exclusions and waiting periods.

+ This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

# Group Critical Illness is only offered on an after-tax basis.