FSA Mistakes to Avoid: Spouse & Dependent Rules

January 9, 2020

If both you and your spouse have elected to participate in either Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (Healthcare FSAs) or Dependent Care Accounts (DCAs), there are specific rules for annual contribution limits and the use of funds.

Are you banking on sick days to protect you financially?

January 7, 2020

Did you know 5.6% of working Americans will experience a short-term disability (six months or less) due to illness, injury, or pregnancy on average every year? Or that the duration of the average long-term disability claim is 34.6 months (a little less than three years)? Do you have enough sick leave to cover that?

Start Your Year Strong: Benefits Checklist for 2020

January 2, 2020

As we set our sights towards the new year and new decade, now is a great time to look at your benefits and plan for 2020.

Is disability insurance part of your family's financial plan?

December 11, 2019

With only 40% of employers in the United States offering paid parental leave, many women sign up for disability policies to help them financially while they recover from childbirth. Learn more about Disability Insurance:

End of Year Tips for Reimbursement Accounts

November 12, 2019

The end of a calendar year can be a busy season. As you prepare for the new year, check out these tips for managing your reimbursement account.