What Can Employers Do with Unused FSA funds?

January 20, 2020

Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (or Healthcare FSAs) can be a great way to help your employees pay for covered medical expenses. But what happens if your employees don’t use all their funds by the end of the plan year?

FSA Mistakes to Avoid: Spouse & Dependent Rules

January 9, 2020

If both you and your spouse have elected to participate in either Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (Healthcare FSAs) or Dependent Care Accounts (DCAs), there are specific rules for annual contribution limits and the use of funds.

End of Year Tips for Reimbursement Accounts

November 12, 2019

The end of a calendar year can be a busy season. As you prepare for the new year, check out these tips for managing your reimbursement account.

FSA Mistakes to Avoid – Other Reimbursement Accounts

September 20, 2019

The rules surrounding Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be complex. Here are some of the most common rules to know.

Study Shows Americans Want Help with Health Care Costs

August 1, 2019

Learn how offering a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA) can help employees navigate qualified medical out-of-pocket expenses.